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kajian tindakan matematik sekolah rendahkajian tindakan matematik sekolah rendah


Eco-Municipalities: Step Forward Naturally
The "Eco-Municipalities" movement, started in Sweden in the 1980's, is the solution and approach, I believe, to most effectively and efficiently achieve meaningful modern sustainability. It is a roadmap for parallel and coordinated action of a small group to become a larger group and sway a whole municipality to achieve zero net energy use, become quite self sufficient and to broaden social, political and economic equality in the meantime. It is a contention, that upon reflection I agree with, that municipalities rather than - states or larger units of political or social organization - are almost the perfectly sized level of government to mount rapid, effective, convincing and successful change towards profound sustainability. Links:

kajian tindakan matematik sekolah rendah


Greenpeace Report: AN AMERICAN CHERNOBYL: Nuclear "Near Misses" at U.S. Reactors Since 1986
See below to download and read a 2006 study by Greenpeace using U.S. Nuclear Regulatory documents that looks at accidents that happened at U.S. nuclear reactors since 1986. They found among other things that in 8 cases accidents at U.S. nuclear power plants led to conditions that had a 1-in-1,000 chance of causing a total meltdown of the reactor core, meaning an accident at least on the scale of Chernobyl.


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    Harvard School of Public Health Study on Illinois Coal-Fired Power Plants

    See below to open/download the 2000 Study and related documents by researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health looking at the health effects of air pollution at older coal-fired power plants in Illinois. Among other findings, the study found that the toxic emissions from Chicago's two old coal-fired power plants results in over 40 premature deaths, 550 emergency room visits and 2,800 asthma visits.

  • Part I (Original Study in the Journal "Atmospheric Environment"),
  • Part II (The Midwest Generation Corporation (owner of the Illinois Coal-fired power plants) funded study that attempted to invalidate the original study),
  • Part III (the response by the Harvard School of Public Health Authors to the Midwest Generation-funded Critique of the Original Study),
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    Part IV (A summary, from 2002, of the health effects of each of the older coal-fired power plant emmissions in the study).

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    Email Dorian: dbreuer (nospam 'at')


    Audio/Video of Progressive or Liberatarian resources

    rendakajian tindakan matematik sekolah rendah - Audio/Video (official Chomsky site) (US)

    Democracy Now! news program

    Political Organizations

    The Chicago Southwest Side Greens in Chicago, Illinois

    The Chicago Area Greens

    Chicago Community Organizations

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    airsoft m110 sniper rifle cheap The Pilsen Environmental Rights and Reform Organization in Chicago, Illinois

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